Job Description Of A CNA

Job Description Of A CNA

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A certified nursing assistant , or even just CNA , lend a helping hand to people or individuals with medical care requirements under the administration of a RN or a Registered Nurse or maybe a  Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) . CNAs are also termed as Nursing Assistant (NA), State Tested Nurse Aid (STNA), or even a Patient Care Assistant (PCA), the person that bears this label really needs to understand What Do Cnas Do

It requires intensive work ethic together with capability, but problems of accountability as well as legality disallow CNAs from carrying out certain therapies. However, if one has to understand the job description, given below is a list that will make the picture crystal clear.

Things that a CNA does

Here are the most significant accountabilities of a CNA:

  • Acquire and maintain the patient’s essential signs or symptoms
  • Give assistance to the sufferers in consuming food , taking a bath as well as other daily activities of day to day living
  • Help the patients to move from their beds to wheel chair and vice versa.
  • Provide support to ailing patients who try to walk as per instructions of the doctor.
  • Distribute prescribed medication , in accordance with his capability together with degree of training
  • Application of bandages and other medicines as instructed by the healthcare practitioner or the doctor
  • Communicate the patient’s apprehensions and concerns or health issues to the overseeing Nurse
  • Keep a record of the incidents along with other activities connected with the sick person

CNAs need to be compassionate and observant

After knowing the above mentioned job description of a CNA you should learn what is a cna, it becomes evident that any person who is interested in taking up the job role of a CNA needs to show enough empathy and patience to the patient and their family members. The family members of the patient depend a lot on the CNA as they are the people who are constantly by the side of their ailing patient.

One more important point while discussing the job description of a CNA is that CNAs need to be observant enough and should possess adequate medical knowledge to understand the issues that the patient is suffering from even if the patient does not say anything. They need to understand what is causing trouble and need to inform the RN or the doctor regarding the same, find out the best CNA Classes Online to help you get started on your career path.

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